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Ashley Madison (Edm) [×] [undo]

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TPA, TPP [×] [undo]

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anybody up with a truck:) (edmonton) [×] [undo]

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RE: There's two things I can't stand.... [xundo]

There's two things I can't stand.... [×] [undo]

Need advice. ... [xundo]

Guantanamo Bay Terrorists [xundo]

"He's Just Not Ready" really means,,,, (Canaduh Eh!) pic [xundo]

Can you believe it happened like this! (Living room) [xundo]

ELECTION TIME! Here's my vote! (Bloc Canadien) pic [xundo]

WTF? Fugly Transvestites LOL ! (skid row) pic [xundo]

Re crazy guy on bike (Gold bar) [xundo]

Crazy guy on trail (Gold Bar Bridge) [xundo]

Crown wants life (Canada) [xundo]

But what did you do? [xundo]

Here's the big question (Edmonton) [xundo]

Why ? (Edmonton) [xundo]

Looking for black lady [xundo]

Intimate Hypocrite Encounters (Edmonton) [xundo]

Am i in the wrong here? (Drayton valley) [xundo]

Just the facts [xundo]

Re: how to communicate in secret [xundo]

Up with UBER & Car's to Go !! (Edmonton) [xundo]

Single Mom in Need (millwoods) [xundo]

Discrimative [xundo]

desperate to get married! (Spruce Grove) [xundo]

re: 17 yrs (Edmonton) [xundo]

Erika miller [xundo]

Re ; X2 [xundo]

Re:re: guy in feminist world [xundo]

I still need a ride right now (edmonton) [xundo]

They can twist it but why cant we? [xundo]

Job Killing NDP party. (Rants and raves) [xundo]

Re How to be a guy in a feminist world [xundo]

RE: How to be a guy in a feminist world (Edmonton DT) [xundo]

Re: How to be a man... (in a feminist world) [xundo]

RE:How to be a guy in a feminist world (edmonton) [xundo]

How to be a guy in a feminist world [xundo]

re: feminism and obesity [xundo]

Today's Story of...: Feminism and Obesity- Sep. 20, 2015 (Canada) pic [xundo]

RE:3 Patriarchy [xundo]

Re: Re: Patriarchal (Canada) [xundo]

Awkward [xundo]

Re: Patriarcal [xundo]

Today's Story of Patriarchal Oppression- Sep. 19, 2015 (Canada) [xundo]

Guy I met on Craigslist [xundo]

Transgender [xundo]

Please slow down! (115 street) [xundo]

Re Re w4m [xundo]