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My Big Mistake On CL (Edmonton)

that is right re: flagging

Flagger (Edmonton)

A blessing in disguise

!!'Sex```play```with my pussy'!! (edmonton)

sd, p4p, donation posts all one sided. Wtf

Thought for the day (Edmonton)

Ha ha ha

You guys disgust me

I tried an escort once (Edmonton)

re: re: men are honest (really Charlie) (probably a cheating charlie)

local network for reporting liers/scamers/predators? (Edmonton)

RE:RE: relationship with a hooker (Edmonton) pic

RE: relationship with a hooker (Edmonton)

Re: Relationship with a hooker (Edmonton)

RE: Where are the different women?

Where are the different women?

My God... (Edmonton)

suspicious vehical (edmonton) pic


8 x re: men are honest (really Charlie?)

Edmonton will not.... pic


my rant bout cl (edmonton)

Troll re re re re honest men (Edmonton)

re: re: re:re: men are honest (really Charlie?)

Re re re: men are honest (Edmonton)

We can do it.

Re: hmm..men are honest

East Indian drivers

Re: Hmmm, All Men are Honest (Edmonton)

re: east injin..bus drivers (edmonton)

hmm...Men Are Honest. You're Just Not Listening (everywhere)

Re: Honest questions for the men of CL (Everywhere)

messed up (slutville canada)

Thought I'd read it all

Ladies have it far too easy....

Re: once you go black

Honest questions for men of CL (Everywhere)

Relocating to Yukon from Edm AB (Whitehorse)

ONCE YOU GO BLACK (edmonton)

**How To Verify If Someone Has A Healthcare# Or Social Ins# (Edmonton)

Racism (edmonton)

Dickhead (Edmonton)

Where did I go wrong?!?!?! (West) pic

re;re: flaggers (ans; to your penis question)

re: flaggers > ho's are flagging

Just so many things to wonder about..

Whyte Ave is a changin! (Edmonton south)

re -how to spell d-i-s-c-r-e-e-t

Happy 420 Day (Everywhere!) pic

how to spell (here)


How to spell d-i-s-c-r-e-e-t (anywhere)

Re: This is great news for us! (Edmonton)

Flaggers Need to Get a Life (here)


What to do indeed (Edmonton)

Re: re: what to do?

Dude's opinion on man's opinion (CL) pic

re: what to do? (very creative)

Re: Woman's Opinion on CL and Men in General

Re: men looking for women on CL (Anywhere)

Man's opinion on women on CL (Edmonton)

RE what to do (shit creek)

Woman's Opinion on CL and Men in General

Re: Hey Asshole Who Flagged Me

re: targeting the disabled (grow the f up!)

Must be nice to use mind-reading super powers to target the disabled

Re. Happy for him (Edmonton)

We all gotta be happy for him,he's one of us! (Edmonton) pic

Re re must be nice (everywhere in alberta)

Must be nice (everywhere in alberta)

Re: re: dear Kelsey

Re: Dear Kelsey (Edmonton)

Have a super day and eat more muffins (My desk)

Stairs (High level)

re: what to do (my good deed for the day)

re: It does not surprise me women charge for sex???

It does not surprise me women charge for sex (Downtown)

reply to: hey/re Dominant (sheep in wolf's clothing)

re: Older Women edmonton (they are everywhere)

Older Women (Edmonton)

re: dominant (me thinks it's a sheep in wolf's clothing)

Re:Re: Dominant Male

Dominant pic

Puzzled - The verdict (Edmonton)

re: coward with the tiny brain (maybe tiny penis?)

Re Puzzled (Edmonton)

Something puzzles me (Edmonton)

Re: CL is Dehumanizing (Rock and a hard place)

CL is dehumanizing (Edmonton)

Re: Dominate male

Re: Missing you (Multiverse)

what's with the oiler fan? (edmonton)

Re: I need CraugsList dating advice (Edmonton) pic

re: Men are dumb when it comes to woman (everywhere)

cash only motel (edmonton)

Fellows, You're Not Alone (your fantasy)

re: where are all the real women (everywhere)

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