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This is the tenth year that series of International Photo marathons are organized! Throughout the year, volunteers from all over the world come to Iceland for an intensive Photo marathon project. The coordinators work with the participants to develop their unique photographic skills through workshops and feedback sessions on technical settings, compositional considerations as well as developing conceptual frameworks which progress the participants' individual style.
At the end of the workshop, we select some of our best pictures from the project and prepare those images for an informal group exhibition in a local independent cinema.

Participants should bring with them their own digital cameras, lenses and laptops if possible. Volunteers should be prepared for walking and visually exploring the city streets and working within a flexible time schedule. Participants will be photographing in their free time outside of workshop hours with images to be discussed at group feedback sessions.

Please note that this project is more of a learning/sharing camp and not a regular workcamp. We may be able to organize some voluntary service activities.
Apart from working on the photography tasks, participants from December 9 to December 18 may join the festive atmosphere during some days by handing out hot chocolate in the city centre as a way of fundraising for non-for-profit projects of the Icelandic Red Cross.

In this project we will organize an Aurora hunting expedition. This will take place during late evening and possibly into the night. We will pick a night with the best chances given by the Aurora forecast by the Icelandic meteorological office. If we do not catch any northern lights in the first expedition, we will organise another expedition. Please note, we cannot guarantee that you will see northern lights as solar activity is irregular.

This is a project that combines learning, sharing, exploring Reykjavík, hunting for Aurora and having fun. Participants should also use this opportunity to share something about their own culture with the group of international participants.

Project dates:
February 6 - February 15, 2018
February 17 - February 26, 2018
February 27 - March 8, 2018
March 10 - March 19, 2018
March 20 - March 29, 2018
March 31 - April 9, 2018

More info and enrollment:
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